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The last post

...Here, anyway.

Every writer eventually runs up against a set of circumstances in which typing "The End" is a bit sad. This is one of those.

My LJ has been fairly quiet of late, and I'd been looking for ways to change that when the LiveJournal servers moved to newer and more concerning climes, beginning the process of forcing my hand. The recent changes to the ToS have made it plain that, at least as this platform is concerned, I need to take my business elsewhere.

With this in mind, I've migrated all my posts and comments to a new home at dianeduane.dreamwidth.org. (Yes, I do have another older Dreamwidth blog at dduane.dreamwidth.org, and I'm in the process of working out what'll happen to that.)

Immediately after this posting, I'll be deleting all old posts from this account, leaving only this entry in place so that people can find where I've gone. This post will remain in place for 30 days or so, after which I'll kill this account.

I look forward to seeing as many as possible of you on "the other side." (You may also want to look in at my oldest blog at dianeduane.com/outofambit, or my Tumblr account at dduane.tumblr.com. Stuff makes it onto the Tumblr that doesn't appear at OOA (and vice versa).

Ave atque vale...
Tags: closing down, farewell
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