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New DD Av

Since Harcourt only controls the North American rights to their editions of the YW ebooks and these can't be sold outside the US, we've started bringing out international editions that can be purchased by everybody else. So You Want to Be a Wizard, Wizard's Holiday and A Wizard of Mars are out already: and now Deep Wizardry is ready to go. (The books are coming online out of order because some of the origin files have been easier to convert than others.)

Deep Wizardry costs USD $5.35 and is available in Kindle / .mobi and Nook / iPad / .epub formats. More info at, or you can click here to go to the Deep WIzardry page at the shop.

(Just a note: if you've heard the scuttlebutt about a revised/updated edition of DW, be advised that this isn't it. That'll  be coming out later in the year. This version matches the text of the US editions.)


Feb. 20th, 2011 12:47 am (UTC)

They'll have to put new ISBNs on them. That's what kept Deep Wizardry from going straight to its new edition this last month or so after we resolved the permissions problems with the quoted material in the book. I was going to do the revisions and get those in early next month, but Harcourt didn't have the staff/time/resources/money to spend on the issue right now. But it's no biggie: the situation will keep for the time being, and I can go ahead with the release in the US, and those who want the new version immediately can have it.

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